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Our Story

In December 2019, our oldest daughter Caroline Rose was diagnosed with a rare intestinal disorder. After spending several months in the hospital, we returned home only to find that the country was shutting down due to Covid guidelines. Caroline required full-time care, so my wife took leave from her job and I found a way to work from home. As a longtime Landrover enthusiast and gearhead, I decided to clear out my woodshop, retool, and venture into the field of automotive service.

Thus, P-Dub's Garage LLC was born in October 2020. Since then, we've had the honor of serving over 150 families in the Asheville, NC area with individualized attention, education, and exceptional service. Our mission is to assist families in taking better care of their vehicles, which we understand are not just transportation but tools necessary for maintaining growth and values that benefit our community.

As a Sri Lankan and first-generation immigrant, it's crucial for me to be part of the American narrative. My wife and I work tirelessly to instill Godly values in our daughters and the principles of hard work, service, and entrepreneurship. Self-determination is paramount in our family, and we extend this value to our customers as well. 


We promise to take the time to understand your story, values, and needs to free you up to better serve your families and communities.


Welcome to Small Shop Life

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I see good service as good friendship and I hope to work for our friend's and their friends.  In today's economy trust is at an all-time low for mechanics so I strive to communicate well and be transparent with every transaction.  

I am committed to using only high-quality parts, including factory OE parts, to reduce the likelihood of "comebacks" that can disrupt my workflow and ultimately waste our customer's time and money.  If you are interested in having the job done cheaper with cheaper parts, I welcome you to find a mechanic that can better suit your needs and finances.

Our "no disrespect" policy ensures a welcoming and respectful environment for everyone, including our staff and customers. While I encourage open dialogue and questions about vehicle care, I do not tolerate hate speech, bullying, or harassment. I love my customers and prioritize creating a positive and healthy workplace.  


I value your time and ask that you offer me the same courtesy.  I do not tolerate no-shows or poor communication and hold the right to refuse service if you seem more interested in being a problem than solving the problem.  

Thank you for choosing P-Dub’s Garage LLC. I'm excited to know you and serve you/ your community.

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