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As a first-generation Sri Lankan immigrant, the American narrative has always been a powerful story for me to retell. I spent 17 years on the road as a touring singer-songwriter/ storyteller doing just that, until late 2019 when my daughter, Caroline, fell sick.  Our family spent months in the hospital and had to make some significant changes to accommodate her care and so our family, like many during Covid, learned to flex and pivot.  It was an easy choice to leave the road so our family could better navigate this season. 

My focus has been to leave a lasting legacy for my daughters... I started three businesses during Covid at the height of Caroline's health battle but we decided that the garage would be the best opportunity to serve our community of friends and neighbors. 


We appreciate you joining our family's story and hope we can serve you and help free you up to bless your own families and community.  

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The mission of The Hundred Movement is to provide points of exit for survivors of sex trafficking through specialized counseling, support, and educational services. We engage individuals, organizations, and the church to create sustainable models of aftercare and a cultural movement.

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A Consulting firm that teaches financial intelligence and helps to establish and grow generational wealth. 

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